Abram is 99 years when God renames him Abraham.

This time God makes a two sided covenant with Abraham, all males must be circumcised.

That same day he and all the males of his house were circumcised.

God tells Abraham Sarah will have a child the next year.

Ishmael was 13 when he was circumcised

Soddom Destroyed (See Genesis 18) because it was the year before Sarah became pregnant)
Genesis 18:1( וָ ) “then” a conjunction “at that same time, or and also”
Heb. (cf. 3). Special senses: a. it sts. = and specially, and (= and particularly). b. and in particular, and that (explicative). c. sts. it introduces an idea which so exceeds or adds to what has preceded, that it is nearly equivalent to also. Or it may be rendered yea: so esp. in the ascending numerations 3-4, 6-7, 7-8 — the first number being aggravated, or augmented, by a higher. In one idiom וּגְבוּל, occuring in geogr. descriptions, it is used peculiarly, seemingly = at the same time. d. it connects alternative cases, so that it = or (= or if). e. it connects contrasted ideas, where in our idiom the contrast would be expressed explicitly by but; in such cases prominence is usu. given to the contrasted idea by its being placed immed. after the conj.; even after לֹא(where כִּי or כִּי אִם might be expected). f. it introduces a contrasted idea in such a way as to suggest a question, esp. before a pron. So the וְ consec. and pf. (see 2 a). g. attaching a fresh subj. (or obj.) to a clause already grammatically complete, it = and also, when the idea thus attached is subordinate, or not logically embraced in the principle predicate.

Abraham travels south to Gerar and King Abimelech takes Sarai.
Genesis 20:1 ( וָ ) “then” a conjunction “at that same time, or and also” See above